Israel’s Democratic Backsliding

Written by Gabriela Baghdady, Editor, Foreign Affairs Review Israel has stood as a unique example of a stable democracy in the Middle East for decades. However, in the last several years, political science scholarship has begun to raise questions as to whether Israeli democracy is under threat. Given the evidence that Israel is experiencing democraticContinue reading “Israel’s Democratic Backsliding”

The Loudest Region

Maria Camila Garcia, Johns Hopkins Foreign Affairs Review There are many factors that contribute to the connection amongst Latin American countries: a similar culture, a strong passion for celebration, a love for soccer, essentially equal religious beliefs and a shared painful history of subjugation. However, in the past year, another aspect of these nations hasContinue reading “The Loudest Region”

Steering Forward in Syrian Quagmire

Chris Park, Editor, Foreign Affairs Review Just as Mitch McConnell said, Jim Mattis’s departure from the Department of Defense more than a year ago was distressing. He was confirmed by a 98-1 vote after gaining a waiver from the National Security Act of 1947 that required a seven year waiting period between a retired militaryContinue reading “Steering Forward in Syrian Quagmire”

The Populist Challenge

Gabriela Baghdady, Editor, Foreign Affairs Review “The time of the nation has come.”[i] These are the words of Marine Le Pen, former French presidential candidate, president of the National Rally party in France, and alleged “populist.”  Populism is the international phenomenon that has been sweeping European countries for last decade, prompting a flood of analysesContinue reading “The Populist Challenge”

Should the United States Secure World Oil Prices?

Benjamin Juul, Editor, Foreign Affairs Review In his 1980 State of the Union address, President Jimmy Carter announced a new doctrine for American foreign policy, saying, “…let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interestsContinue reading “Should the United States Secure World Oil Prices?”

Germany’s Difficulties with Refugee Integration

Written by Zubeyde Oysul and Mary Sulavik, European Horizons The millions of refugees entering Europe during recent years have found the warmest reception in Germany, where 1 in 8 residents is of foreign national origin. Germany has made significant strides towards effectively and permanently relocating and integrating refugees into the country. However, there are stillContinue reading “Germany’s Difficulties with Refugee Integration”

Addressing the Wave of Right-Wing Populism in Hungary and Poland

Written by John Poulos and Jordan Jain, European Horizons While all eyes seem to be fixated on Brexit, it is important to remember that the European Union is grappling with another crisis: the erosion of democracy, particularly in Poland and Hungary. In the wake of right-wing populist governments flouting democratic values, rule of law, andContinue reading “Addressing the Wave of Right-Wing Populism in Hungary and Poland”